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Helping Your Team Find Motivation in Post-Covid 2021


2020 was a tough year for everyone—your team included. The pandemic caused problems for businesses the world over, and employees have been trying to keep things afloat for their companies for months now. That kind of pressure has a serious impact on worker well-being, resulting in something of a Covid burnout epidemic.


As the pandemic continues with no clear end in sight, it’s up to business leaders to help their teams out. It can be difficult to keep a team motivated even in the best of times, so those who are trying to do so now are in for quite the challenge. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your paddle in the middle of your journey, here are a few ways to get your team moving with the current again:


1. Set clear goals. 

Motivation is far easier to generate when your team has something to work towards. Whether it’s increased revenues, boosted efficiency, or higher client retention, give your workers a clear goal to strive for and watch their motivation rise in turn.


2. Focus on motivation’s origins. 

Too often teams forget where motivation comes from. When motivation slips it’s because your team is relating to their work and each other in non-resourceful ways. By reconnecting with their “why” and taking responsibility for their own emotions, they become more able to navigate slumps. 


3. Brainstorm.

Brainstorming is the gateway to better team morale. Even remote brainstorming sessions can help get the ball rolling on what keeps your team excited and thriving into the future.


4. Shuffle tasks. 

Almost all successful businesses have some kind of delegation system  in place. Even so, how well do your employees really know what the other members of their teams contribute to your company? The deeper the understanding your workers have of the overall mission, the higher their motivation will go in turn.

Create a list of tasks done by your team that could effectively be switched around without hampering productivity. See to it that each of your workers gets a taste of what the others do on a daily basis; this can create a sense of cohesion among your team that will persist through even the most difficult motivational slumps.


5. Take mental health breaks. 

A lack of motivation doesn’t just hurt on-the-job productivity: it has a tangible harm of your workers’ sense of well-being. Whether it’s a bit of time off in the afternoons or an extra handful of vacation days, your team deserves some time all their own for their mental health. Great leaders know that it’s their responsibility to give it to them.

Motivation is a crucial part of doing business, but it’s in short supply during times like these. As you work to rally the troops through to the finish line, make motivation a central part of your strategy—your workers will thank you for it down the line.

By Rhett Power, Published in Forbes (edited)

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