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POA - Pharmacy Owners Alliance

Our mission statement: To preserve, protect and promote the interests of pharmacy owners

Pharmacy Owners Alliance (POA) was originally formed as PFOA in 2004 when a group of 37 Medicine Shoppe franchise owners organized to represent its members’ interest in franchise issues. The not-for-profit association has evolved and grown to include over 500 member stores including franchisees, former franchisees and independent pharmacies in 36 states.


POA provides in depth analysis of each member’s current purchase patterns and offers advice on the best decisions for purchasing and rebates. We will help review other facets of your business including supplies, data mining, systems, security acquisition, transition and more. 


By utilizing programs and services through our approved affiliate vendors, POA’s primary focus is to improve members’ opportunities to succeed in today’s business and healthcare environment.

Why POA?

POA Provides Options

We have access to multiple purchasing options including primary wholesalers, secondary warehouses, PSAO choices, supply, profit building and other programs and services.

Purchase and Overall Business Program Analysis

POA employs an experienced Generics Specialist to help our members optimize their purchase and rebate opportunities. We are able to analyze all facets of purchases and business operations.

Taking On Challenges

POA does not shy away from helping our members with issues others prefer not to undertake. POA has a top 100 legal firm on retainer for advice and counsel on topics such as employment, contract review, business transactions and real estate as well as franchise representation.

We are Proud to Work with Over 560
Independent Pharmacy Owners Nationwide!

POA Member Map_1122.jpg

“Our AmerisourceBergen contract has great brand name pricing, and we have been able to increase our generic rebates. This combination will add
a large amount of money to our bottom line.”

Todd Pendergraft

Photo of Todd Pendergraft, POA member
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